“The finest training…

the first choice for footballers.”

Former England international,

Emile Heskey

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The Supercar Academy is the only advanced and high performance driving academy of its kind.  We specialise in elevating driving skills to an art that transcends the interaction between man and machine.

For us, road safety is paramount.  So, whether you are a high profile individual with driving experience, or a young driver new to the road, you benefit from expert guidance and advice from top level professionals who are amongst the most highly regarded in their field.

Our elite team derive from the finest backgrounds and have the most relevant and most extensive experience.  We work with a range of different clients, from professional footballers to captains of industry, celebrities, Royalty and VIPs.  

Everyone benefits from constant improvement and driving is no exception. Whether driving or being driven, we all know how important it is to have confidence in a driver’s ability to manage a vehicle safely when behind the wheel.

To find out about our young driver education programmes for elite sports professionals, or to build confidence in your own driving safety and skills, call us now on 0208 166 4418 for a free consultation and details of our exclusive portfolio.

The Supercar Academy is uniquely aligned with the              (Safer Cleaner Roads for Everyone) driving safety initiative and the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety.