“The finest training…

the first choice for footballers.”

Former England international,

Emile Heskey

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"Limited Edition" usually implies something extraordinary and rare which offers something better, more exclusive and more desirable...

Virgin Limited Edition is Sir Richard Branson's collection of stunning retreats. We have a private island, mountain retreat, game reserve, villa, catamaran, lodge, submarine, restaurant, and a private members club. Eclectic, yes, but all are unique and operate with the sole aim of creating amazing experiences.

Just click on the images below to view our selection of luxury vacation properties.

Virgin Limited Edition - The luxury portfolio of Virgin Hotels Group Ltd.

Special rate for Premier Sport members - please call us on 0208 166 4418 for details.


Kasbah Tamadot, Morocco Ulusaba Game Reserve
Kasbah Tamadot Morocco
Ulusaba private game reserve, South Africa
The Lodge, Verbier, Switzerland
Necker Belle - catamaran
Necker Nymph - underwater “aircraft”
Necker Island
Necker Island, British Virgin Islands