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Following Man City’s 5-0 win over Aston Villa this weekend, the Argentine striker, whose white Porsche was seized on Thursday, took great delight in greeting his first goal by sitting down and pretending to ‘drive’ a car.

After adding his second - City’s fifth - goal, Tévez ran along the touchline with glee, moving his hands to mimic a steering action.

Police stopped the Argentine striker during a routine check on Palatine Road in Didsbury on Thursday. According to Sportsmail, Tévez is still driving with an international licence, despite being told 12 months ago that he needed to change it for a valid UK licence.

Consequently, his white Porsche Panamera was seized and driven away on a low-loader truck.

Manchester City officials denied that Tévez was arrested, but are now helping the Argentine with the necessary paperwork.  He could face a three-point penalty and a fine.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said:

"Shortly before 7.55pm on Thursday 15 November a traffic officer on patrol stopped a Porsche Panamera during routine inquiries.

"The officer spoke to the driver and seized the car under section 165 of the Road Traffic Act.

"The driver has now been summonsed for driving otherwise in accordance with a driving licence."

Police stopped the Manchester City star previously in February 2009 because they suspected his car's windows were too dark and impounded his £140,000 Bentley when it emerged that he did not have a full UK driving licence.  

Six months later, in August, Tévez was pulled on the A34 in south Manchester and told to produce a valid licence within seven days.

Tests confirmed his car's tint was illegal.

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Police stop Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez and impound his £100,000 Porsche Panamera

17 November 2012