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The story behind the World’s best driving lens

Award winning Serengeti® technology was initially developed to produce top-of-the-range car windscreens to selectively filtrate the light spectrum and enhance the ‘driving’ colours. The objective was to produce a safer windscreen that would allow the driver to see and react to driving hazards more quickly such as brake lights and traffic signals.

As any degree of light filtration is not permitted in a windscreen at night and whilst car windscreens cannot be removed, sunglasses can and as a result, the Serengeti® line of eyewear was born…..

The drivers’ choice

Those who drive motor vehicles for a living choose Serengeti®. It is their element of added safety.

By managing colours within the visible light spectrum, Serengeti®’s Spectral Control® technology gives you stunning, high-definition contrast and colour enhancement. Contrast is improved so road signs and obstacles are easier to see, clearly and quickly. Colours look clearer and brighter, vision is crisp and sharp and everything you see looks better, even from a distance.

Serengeti® lenses pass and exceed the Traffic Signal Recognition Test which gauges the amount of red light a lens actually block. If a red traffic light appears red through the lens, the sunglasses pass. If the red light appears blackish, as it does through most blue-blocking sunglasses, they fail. There is no distortion of colours when wearing Serengeti and in addition, blue light that causes blue blur is blocked reducing the eyestrain and eye fatigue that occur while driving.

After driving in bright sunlight the unprotected retina of the human eye has trouble adjusting to changing, darkening conditions and takes longer to recognize detail. But, Serengeti®’s exclusive photochromic properties preserve the pigments in the eye and make the optical transition from light to dark speedily and safely. The anti-reflective coatings on the lens also reduce the back reflection that causes squinting and eyestrain.

Glare happens. Annoying, chaotic light that comes from windshields, dashboards, water and reflections on the road can be incredibly distracting and harmful to your vision. Serengeti® polarized lenses eliminate glare to give you unsurpassed clarity and comfort.

Serengeti consistently wins awards across the globe and has been voted What Car? Magazine’s best driving sunglasses for the past three years.

Serengeti. Fine-tuned, crisp and beautifully enhanced vision,

stunning colours and completely relaxed eyes.

The World’s finest driving sunglass.