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Up your Game with Pilates

by Trevor Schoonraad PeakPilates Master Trainer and SALT Pilates Director of Training

Pilates has been playing an ever-increasing part in the training of elite footballers at club level in recent years. Its best-known advocate is former England Captain David Beckham.

David first started incorporating Pilates in his training regime whilst playing for AC Milan.

“I do an hour of Pilates a day.  The medical set-up at Milan is

  fantastic and fitness-wise I am the best I have been for a long time”.    


                                              David Beckham in The Sun 22 June 2009

The demands placed on the player’s body during a game are immense. These include  rapid acceleration and deceleration, sudden changes of direction and the ability to produce controlled power from often unstable positions.

Lack of core stability, insufficient rotational control and poor flexibility can all be detrimental to the performance and could even lead to injury.

A two season study by the British Journal of Sport Medicine confirmed that hamstring strains are the most common of football injuries leading to an average of 15 missed matches per club per season. The study suggested that to manage and prevent hamstring and other football related injuries it is vital to look at stability of the lumbar spine and pelvis and also address the muscle balance of the body as a whole. This is where Pilates enters the fray!

The Pilates System is designed to teach the body to initiate movement from a strong core irrespective of speed, power or direction and as such it plays a vital part in the prevention of injuries in footballers.

It is important that the Pilates program is individually tailored to the fitness, skill level and position of the player and when dealing with a football injury the specific stage of the injury and muscular imbalances of the player needs to be reflected in a personalized Pilates regime.

At SALT Pilates highly skilled Pilates practitioners are trained to provide detailed biomechanical analysis and design a tailored program of exercises to not only rehabilitate football related injuries but also increase speed, agility and overall performance on the Pitch.

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S.A.L.T's founder, Jackie Stapleton, has been in the Pilates Industry for the past 11 years.  She has trained and worked under some of the top Pilates industry Training methods and the S.A.L.T concept itself derives from Joseph Pilates own method designed to ‘Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone muscles, tendons and bones’.

S.A.L.T  is the first dedicated Pilates studio to have both traditional and dynamic chair classes in London. The ying yang of traditional/classical S.A.L.T style and fiery Peppe classes caters for all interests, preferences and any injury specific needs.