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It’s true! Women can’t park as well as men

14 March 2012

From The Daily Telegraph

Few battles are fought as ferociously as the one over who is better at parking…

Now, official figures are likely to inflame the parking row, by suggesting that women do, indeed, find parking harder than men.

New data from the Driving Standards Agency indicate that women are more likely than men to fail their driving test because of problems parking. The statistics also confirm that women are more likely overall to fail their practical test.

In 2010-11, 50 per cent of male candidates failed and 57 per cent of women, resulting in an overall failure rate of 54 per cent.

Whilst 18,798 male candidates failed for lack of control during the dreaded reverse-park manoeuvre, the female figure was a whopping 40,863.

Women were also more likely to fail for inadequate “observation” of road conditions during the parking test.

Estimates suggest that the average woman driver passes her test after 52 hours of teaching, compared with about 36 for men.

Last year, DVLA figures disclosed that one unnamed London woman failed her driving theory test 90 times before finally getting through to the practical test. A man in the West Midlands had failed the practical 36 times.

We have our views but, in the interest of unbiased reporting, will resist expressing them!


4 August 2012

When the driver of a Ferrari 458 Italia returned to his car to find a policeman issuing him with a parking fine, he simply got into the driver’s seat, started the £170,000 supercar and appeared to drive over the officer’s foot.

In response, the officer pulled the driver out, threw him to the ground and put him in handcuffs, whilst the man’s girlfriend– MTV The Hills’ star Stephanie Pratt – watched helplessly.

Witnesses allege the car was parked legally in a hotel’s valet zone, but how the cop was to know that was anyone’s guess.

Moral of the story?  If you must leave your car in a location that could be interpreted, leave some indication as to why and, should the opportunity arise to clarify your reason for parking there, use it!