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3 October 2011

Driving a high performance Supercar can be an exiting and rewarding experience,and, outside of the rules and regulations of the normal road, it can be an even more exhilarating experience.

But this doesn’t mean that you can take less care!

Driving a high performance car safely requires the utmost care at all times, to ensure your enjoyment, but more importantly, to guarantee your safety, and the safety of others.

High speed means high levels of excitement, but without control, it can also mean high levels of danger, high levels of damage, and high levels of expense - as the people involved in this accident at the famous Nürburgring in Germany discovered to their cost...

A Corvette Z06 and the famous BMW Ring Taxi were among a number of cars involved in a huge pile-up at the Nürburgring over the weekend.

A highly tuned Porsche 911, TVR, Vauxhall VX220 and various other performance cars – some British registered – were also involved.

The crash occurred during a ‘tourist driving’ session, these now-legendary free-for-alls open to anyone in any road-legal car for the price of a €24 lap ticket where the ’ring operates as the world’s most extreme toll-road.

The popularity and unique appeal of the Nürburgring Nordschleife (or ‘North Loop’) has seen these tourist sessions become busier and busier, not least with hordes of Brits making the pilgrimage to see if they can beat personal best lap times from their games consoles or Clarkson’s 10-minute best effort.

Why Brits love the Nürburgring

A mixture of cars, bikes and buses and the huge speed differentials between them means crashes – fatal on occasion – are not uncommon with the passenger in a British car killed there only last month.

Thankfully nobody was killed in this latest accident but somebody is going to be facing a very, very nasty

insurance claim with the German police reporting that the bill for the track damage and closure alone will be over €100,000.

And that’s on top of the damage to the cars involved, which include a Corvette and the BMW M3 Ring Taxi, as driven on occasion by local celebrity Sabine Schmitz. There’s no word whether Sabine was at the wheel but the damage to the M3 appears extensive.

It appears some of the cars involved slowed for some trackside roadworks only to be hit from behind by another car that hadn’t, the ensuing carnage much like you’d find on the M25 any morning albeit involving a more glamorous than average collection of cars.

And as with any regular accident the German police will be investigating whether any one driver is at fault and who is responsible for covering the massive bill.  Here’s hoping their insurance company is willing to cover the damage!