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Millionaire Boy Racers

4 January 2013

Thursday night (3rd Jan) saw the airing of Oblong Films’ much-anticipated documentary on the profusion of uber-bling Arab supercars that overrun the streets of Knightsbridge every summer.

Provoking an amusing mix of awe, admiration or hair-pulling exasperation, seeing things from an Arab supercar afficionado’s perspective provided compelling viewing and a fascinating insight into the drivers’ mindsets.

Even as it aired, #MillionaireBoyRacers began trending on Twitter, sparking both erudite and inane comments.  The majority, however, were positive, as was the programme - beautifully crafted, amusing, insightful and, above all, huge fun.

You can catch it on Channel 4OD for the next 28 days, links and preliminary info below:

“All of my friends were sad about having to go back to Kuwait.

We had fun for three months and I'm sad that

I have to leave to go back to the desert…”

Abdul Aziz Al Rashed, of Kuwait

Oblong Films programme summary:

Millionaire Boy Racers

For many Londoners, the summer is a chance to escape the noise and bustle of the capital in search of relaxation and sun overseas, but as the Brits hit the beaches, London becomes the top destination for super rich Arab tourists and their supercars.

In this Cutting Edge documentary, Millionaire Boy Racers will provide an insight into the influx of supercars and their wealthy owners in central London each summer. Swapping the searing heat of their homes in the Middle East for the cool of the UK, increasing numbers of super-rich Arabs are packing their bags and cars for their annual vacation in the capital.

Million pound Bugatti Veyrons and extravagant Koenigsegg supercars have become a common sight on the streets of London but it has divided the opinion of the residents. These elite supercar owners, often young Arabs in their twenties, enjoy showing off their motors but many of those living in Knightsbridge and Chelsea are less enthusiastic; they say summer in the city has become unbearable. The locals are complaining about sleepless nights caused by revving engines and speeding cars racing down the narrow streets, leaving the police with no choice but to clamp down on noise offences and reprimand those driving without the correct insurance, tax and number plates.

The supercar phenomenon has also sparked a fan base of “Carparazzis”. Young Brits; mainly men, are tracking down the latest arrivals so that they can photograph and film the cars before posting them online. These car spotters believe the noisier and shinier the supercar, the better.

Director – Matt Rudge

Transmission details: http://www.channel4.com/info/press/programme-information/millionaire-boy-racers

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