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5 October 2011

A McLaren MP4-12C crashed near McLaren headquarters in Woking, UK.

According to a post on ClioSport.net, the driver of the McLaren crashed into another car and came to rest in the fence and hedge row that we see in the photo.   Nobody was hurt in the crash.

Blue delivery tape and the plastic on the seats suggests this car was either on a test drive or was a customer car waiting to be delivered - if so, maybe a slightly longer wait than expected!

McLaren has denied reports on Pistonheads regarding production delays. Ever since the first release of the McLaren MP4-12C McLaren has worked hard to fix both hardware and software problems and the latter are currently causing a small delay in delivery to customers.

McLaren stresses issues that appeared on pre-production and early production models like an issue reported with the engine cover have been resolved...