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5 September 2011

Road safety charity the IAM is calling on insurance companies to overhaul their systems for calculating prices for young drivers, after finding that a search for car insurance quotes for an average 17 year old driver revealed the cheapest annual premium to be £7,091.38.  

The top price quoted was just over £9700.

This particular search – made on a popular price comparison site – was for the fictional ‘Tom Stevens’, with a date of birth of the 03/03/1994. He has held a full licence for one month, and was requesting insurance on a 2007 1.1l Kia Picanto.

He lives in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and claimed

the car would be parked on the road. He has no previous claims or

convictions and is in full-time education with a part-time job, and

requested cover just for ‘social’ use. Once Tom had been driving for

a year, his cheapest quote dropped to £2528.55, on an otherwise

like-for-like basis.

IAM director of policy and research Neil Greig said: “Young drivers can only learn safer driving by practising it, but huge insurance premiums risk pricing them off the road. The challenge for the government, the insurance industry and road safety experts is how to balance the need for experience with the very real risk that young drivers pose to themselves and other road users.

“When an insurance premium is matching university tuition fees, innovative thinking is needed to reward the safest young drivers or spread the cost in a more manageable way.

“Many young people will need a car to get to work and there are serious implications to the economy of young people who are unable to afford to drive, and to road safety if drivers simply choose to forego insurance.”

According to figures from Consumer Intelligence, drivers aged between 17 and 24 in 2010

saw the cost of their cover rise by 24.7 per cent.


11 October 2011

The Transport Select Committee is working with young driver insurance specialists Young Marmalade to initiate research on young drivers’ views of motor insurance.

Their survey confirms that 96% of young drivers think they are being priced off the road because of high motor insurance premiums.

-  A fifth (21%) of young drivers have considered driving without insurance, because of the high cost of premiums.

-  Nearly a third (30%) have considered altering the information they provided to insurance firms in order to secure a lower quote.

-  This included 15% who considered changing the main driver of the car – a potentially illegal practice known as ‘fronting’.

More than half (57%) of young drivers were unaware that, after an accident, insurance firms often pass personal details to a solicitor, car hire firm or garage in return for a referral fee.

Committee Chair Louise Ellman MP commented:

“I am extremely concerned about these results, which show that young drivers think they are being priced off the road because of the high cost of motor insurance.

“It is shocking that so many young drivers are considering breaking the law – by driving without insurance or changing the details they provide to insurers – in order to get a cheaper premium.

“It’s revealing that most young drivers are also unaware that many insurers receive referral fees in order to deal with claims they make. This highlights why the Committee called for referral fees to be made more transparent in its report on the cost of motor insurance earlier this year.

“I will be putting the results of this survey to Ministers when they appear before the Transport Select Committee later today”.

West London postcode is W-orst for vehicle damage

According to new research by leading vehicle replacement specialist, Accident Exchange, West and South West postcode areas of London are the worst for vehicle damage, accounting for half of all reported incidents in the capital.

The study, which plotted car damage right across London’s 241-square mile postal district, found more than half (50.52%) of all reported dents, scrapes and collisions occurred in the W and SW postcode areas.

By contrast the east ‘E’ and south east ‘SE’ postcode boundaries only accounted for 18% of the total incidents.

There are an estimated  3,000,000 cars in London, around 9% of the UK total, with an average 6.3 million car trips being made each day in the Greater London area. In 2009, Transport for London reported an additional 70,000 cars enter Central London each day during the weekday morning peak.

With an average repair bill of £2,100 per vehicle, the damage inflicted on London cars each year is estimated by Accident Exchange at half a billion pounds[ii].

The WC (Western Central) postcode area which covers the most central parts of London including Soho, Covent Garden and Bloomsbury; was the safest place to park or drive a car, with just 3.85% of the citywide damage occurring there.

Leafy northwest London – the NW postcode area – also enjoys relatively prang-free motoring, with just 8.22% of reported incidents occurring within the district.

Postcode Area Percentage of Vehicle damage in London

W 26.40%

SW 24.13%

N 10.14%

E 9.27%

SE 9.09%

EC 8.92%

NW 8.22%

WC 3.85%

Being hit in the rear was the most common cause of vehicle damage, accounting for 30.24% of incidents. Almost a third of cars (29.4%) were damaged whilst parked, predominantly when the owner was away from their vehicle. Lane change collisions were responsible for one in ten (10.49%) cases of vehicle damage.

Most incidents (58%) occurred during the working day – 6am to 6pm – with 42% in the later evening and early hours.

The Accident Exchange research was based on nearly 18,000 claims handled by the company in the twelve months to June 2011.

This is despite car ownership per capita and household being significantly lower in London than the rest of the UK. Only 43% of Inner London households and 68% of Greater London households own a car, compared with the national level of 77% car ownership.

Car insurance leaps by average £50 in just three months with young drivers bearing the brunt

19th January 2012

Motorists have endured car insurance quotes soaring by £50 in the last three months alone as cheaper deals disappear, the AA warned yesterday.

The increase in claims for dubious whiplash injury is the main cause of the soaring motor insurance premiums.

The AA says the average comprehensive cover premium quotes rose by just 0.6per cent over three months to £1,458.48.

Drivers aged between 17 and 22 have been hit by the steepest shop around percentage increases since October, with the typical premium for this age group standing at £2,497, a 6.6 per cent rise.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, said: ‘The difference shows that the cheaper deals are disappearing. Young drivers seem to be the biggest losers with a higher than average increase for them.

‘It's clear that young drivers continue to be of concern to insurers, while many no longer offer cover to those under 21.’

The average shop around third party fire and theft quote stands at £1,495.71, a 2.4% or £35 increase on October.

The AA said the figure is higher than the comprehensive premium because it reflects the risks for people who tend to take out this type of cover, who are typically young drivers with older cars.

Scotland remains the cheapest part of Britain to insure a car, the AA said, with the shop around premium for comprehensive cover standing at £587.

The North West is the most costly, with average premiums at £1,615, followed by London, where they stand at £1,120.

The AA warned that following European rule changes, insurers will no longer be able to take gender into account from December this year:’Young women will see the biggest premium increases, said Mr Douglas.

Extract from the Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2089019/Car-insurance-leaps-average-50-just-months-young-drivers-bearing-brunt.html