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Ferrari will shortly introduction their new Challenge race car.  

Based on the 458 Italia, this official prototype testing shot at Italy’s Mugello circuit shows some changes are in store.

The new race car will be called the “458 Challenge Evoluzione”, and it is was demonstrated to potential customers at an event in Italy today, ahead of the 2014 season of the Ferrari Challenge.

The 2013 season concluded only yesterday, with Italy’s Giosue Rizzuto and Austria’s Philipp Baron taking the championship.

The key difference between the new and old 458 Challenge is the rear wing, developed based on experience gained in GT racing, which increases downforce.  Balancing the front with a modifed splitter and floor allows drivers to extend the limits of the car, enabling higher top speeds and cornering.

According to Ferrari, 458 Challenge Evoluzione drivers can expect improved performance, both in terms of laps times and over long distances.  Expect a Fiorano lap time of less than the 1:16.5 set by the 458 Challenge back in 2010.

Ferrari’s Challenge race cars are considerably lighter than their road-going equivalents and benefit from a unique gearbox calibration that boosts acceleration.

Whilst there is no increase in engine output, the 458 Challenge Evoluzione’s output could increase to match the 597 horsepower of the fabulous 458 Speciale.



11 November 2013