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Drunk Belgian footballer crashes Porsche into Esso garage causing £200k damage

9 October 2012

Midfielder Jonathan Legear, 25, who plays for Russian Premier League side Terek Grozny, is due in court and likely to be banned from driving for at least two weeks after crashing his Porsche through a service garage in the Belgian town of Tongerenat and injuring a customer.

The following video shows the car careering at speed through the garage entrance before stopping at the cash till. To avoid being hit, Jeffrey Dewallef jumped aside and twisted his ankle.

The owner of the Esso garage estimates around £200,000 damage was cause.

Legear, who denies being severely drunk, is set to be charged of involuntary assault.

The midfielder, who was last capped in two qualifying games for Euro 2012, apologised through his lawyer for his actions but could still face jail for the incident.

Other customers inside the store were fortunate not to be in Legear’s path as they looked on, with security videos showing him smash a scooter before crashing through glass doors.

Court spokesman Michel Zegers said Monday that there is no reason to prevent Legear from rejoining Grozny ‘as long as he does not drive there himself.’