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The true penalty of speeding

Monday, 16 April 2012

New research from the AA shows that a motorist's first speeding offence can cost four times the typical £60 fine because his or her car insurance premium will rise over three years.

Anyone caught using a hand-held device to phone, text or email while driving can expect to be treated severely by their insurer and may even find their cover withdrawn, the AA said.

In the past many insurers ignored a first speeding offence few now do so. The AA said that is because insurance companies are becoming smarter at identifying risk and charge premiums accordingly.

Such premium increases remain but will reduce over three years, meaning that with the cost of the fine and premium increase taken into account, offenders could fork out more than £200 for just one speeding offence.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, said: "Those who flout the law are more likely to make a claim and their premium reflects that risk. Why should the majority of motorists who stay within the law, subsidise those who don't?

"Those who have a single speeding conviction are 10% to 12% more likely to make a claim than those who have a clean licence. Someone who picks up a second offence is 18% more likely to do so than a driver with just one. A driver caught for crossing a red traffic signal, is 20-25% more likely to make a claim.”

Mr Douglas said that the prospect of a premium hike makes the typical £90 cost of a speed awareness course, offered by many police forces for first offenders, appear good value.