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The Supercar Academy reacts to save Rowan Atkinson

from future Mclaren supercar smashes

Value of The Supercar Academy’s safety-orientated advanced driver training programmes reinforced as another

high-profile personality loses control of their high performance vehicle on a public road

Britain’s Rowan Atkinson landed unceremoniously in a ditch last week after his £650,000 Mclaren F1 spun several times on a wet stretch of the A605 at Haddon in Cambridgeshire.  The Mr Bean and Blackadder star was returning home after editing his latest film “Johnny English Reborn”.

Like most accidents, Mr Atkinson’s unfortunate encounter with a road sign and a tree after his McLaren F1 spun off the road was unexpected.  The comedic actor has, after all, years of experience driving a range of exotic and sometimes very fast cars.  A little careless, perhaps?  Or just pure bad luck?

Either way, expecting the unexpected is one of the basic elements of advanced driving, as those who qualify for Supercar Academy’s exclusive high performance advanced driving programmes soon discover.

The Academy’s Driver Development Programmes (for a very select group of sports, corporate and media professionals) aims to help drivers avoid this sort of potentially fatal experience.  

Spokesperson for the Academy says, “Had our services been available several years earlier, Mr. Bean might not have had to go to hospital.  We wish him well and are glad that he has been discharged without serious injury.  When he has fully recovered from the damage to his shoulder, we would be delighted to invite him to spend a day with us to help regain his confidence.  Our Advanced Driver Development programmes ensure drivers are equipped to handle fast and expensive machinery at speed with total safety, both for themselves and other road users.”

As this high-profile smash so clearly demonstrates, the vagaries of supercar ownership extend far beyond initial purchase. Owners have a responsibility to ensure their capabilities match those of their vehicle if they are to stay safe and in control when driving such vehicles, particularly on public roads.

Individual marques have their own characteristics and often drive very differently from others. With its central driving position, the Mclaren F1’s weight distribution can be deceptive and skill is needed to maintain its balance in these situations.  Such considerations are covered by The Supercar Academy’s Vehicle Familiarisation course, just one of several tailored programmes in the Academy’s comprehensive portfolio.


The Supercar Academy specialises in the provision of high performance advanced driving tuition for sports, media and business professionals.  It is the only safety-orientated high performance advanced driving organisation of its kind.

Courses are offered in complete confidentiality and qualify for insurance Risk Assessment, resulting in potential reductions in annual insurance premiums of up to 20%.

For more information, please contact:

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