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Speeding Aston Martin driver nailed by his own YouTube video

The owner of a rare Aston Martin in Belgium was caught speeding after a video made by a passenger was posted on YouTube.  

The footage showed the speedo hitting 293 kilometres (182mph) on a highway near Flanders in Northern Belgium.  Following reports in the media, Belgian police decided to investigate.

The video, which focuses on the speedometer, shows the car weaving in and out of moderately heavy traffic on the motorway, but the car’s registration plate is never seen.

Unfortunately, the driver of the Aston Martin gave himself away after describing the vehicle as a hand painted “Carbon Black Edition”.

As there are only three of this kind in the whole of Belgium, and as other road users had filmed the speeding Aston Martin, it was relatively easy for the Belgian police to identify the driver.

They will now be able to prosecute the driver based on the video evidence.

If they are successful in bringing charges against him, the driver stands to lose his licences and can most likely expect a pretty hefty fine on top!