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Former England international,

Emile Heskey

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Many newly qualified drivers find themselves behind the wheel of a car that has entirely different performance capabilities to the standard hatchback they used for driving lessons and to take their driving test.


The Supercar Academy’s High Performance division offers the relevant levels of training and experience to enable young and newly qualified drivers to enjoy their new cars’ increased level of performance safely and responsibly.


High performance models react in a totally different way to standard braking, steering and throttle inputs. Plus, everything happens more quickly! So drivers new to the experience need to be prepared!

The Supercar Academy’s bespoke advanced high performance driving courses aim to instil the relevant skills into relatively new drivers before they have the opportunity to develop bad habits - and, more importantly, before their new vehicle has got them into trouble.

Whether you have a VW Golf Turbo, GTI or R32, a Nissan 350 Z or a BMW M3, mastering the skills necessary to handle your vehicle will pay huge dividends, the most essential being your ability to stay safe whilst driving on public roads.

For more information about The Supercar Academy’s advanced high performance driving courses, please call us now on 0208 1664 418 or click here to send us an email.