“The finest training…

the first choice for footballers.”

Former England international,

Emile Heskey

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A Member of the Institute of Directors and long-standing member of the International Trade Committee of the London Chamber of Commerce, Ian is also Chief Executive of London Corporate Training, which the Academy is closely associated.

Education is in Ian's DNA, hence LCT provides extensive management training to leading organisations around the world, with an impressive client list spanning more than fifty countries, ranging from IKEA, to Unicef and BP. 

The respected former owner of a rare Aston Martin Ulster, which he raced successfully at Silverstone for many years, Ian is as passionate about driving safety as he is about cars. He is therefore well qualified to steer the Academy towards achieving its ultimate quest to save lives through cultivating safer, more responsible driving behaviour.

Ian says, "As LCT's programmes run worldwide, international travel is a necessity, so I experience first-hand the sometimes appalling variety of driving styles adopted by many people across the world. 

"The majority of people appreciate the threats that young drivers pose to our roads - and sports professionals are no exception.

"By advocating advanced driver education for young and developing sports professionals and carefully developing the Academy's sports-themed programmes, we will have fulfilled our purpose and be well placed to achieving our goal of helping to create a new generation of safer and more responsible drivers for today's roads."

Ian Mann, Chairman and Managing Director  


The Supercar Academy’s patron, former England international footballer Emile Heskey, made more than 500 appearances in the Football League and Premier League during a 20-year career in which he first represented England at the early age of 16.  

Having started his professional career with Leicester City, he made a record £11 million move to Liverpool in 2000.  Birmingham City, Wigan Athletic, Aston Villa followed.  In 2012, Emile signed for Australia's Newcastle Jets, where he remained until May 2014 before moving to Bolton Wanderers.

As a former young player and father of three boys, Emile is well aware of the challenges his sons are likely to face once they are old enough to drive and hit the road.

"Getting involved with The Supercar Academy made me realise how passionate I was about what they are doing and what they stand for.  

“In twenty years of playing football, no-one has ever shown an interest in keeping me safe on the road.  I passed my test at 17, jumped straight into a car, with no experience, and didn't know what I was doing: I didn't know how dangerous it was.

“Having had and seen my friends have serious accidents, I would have wished there was someone around to guide us and prevent them.  I would have loved to be able to call upon The Supercar Academy if they were there when I was driving.

“Cars are getting faster and faster.  A lot of elite athletes are able to buy any prestige

or high performance car they want, but generally do not know how to handle them.

“These cars can be lethal weapons, and if you don't have the self-discipline, training or experience required to manage them properly, you won't appreciate the potential damage they can do, until it's too late.

“I was a pretty sensible person, but not everyone is.  And the last thing I would want to see is someone ruin their career or anyone's life because of their reckless decisions behind the wheel.

“By supporting The Supercar Academy's efforts to improve driving safety and educate players in all the aspects of driving I wish I'd known when I started out, I would like to think we can make a difference by helping players become better, more rounded and responsible drivers, not only for football, but for society as a whole.

“I have children now and would love them to participate in the Academy's programmes as soon as they are of driving age, to keep them and others safe on the road.  I would also encourage anyone with a vested interest in young players to support the Academy's vision, which is ultimately to prevent avoidable accidents and to keep all players and other road users safe when we are driving."

Emile Heskey, former England international and patron of The Supercar Academy

Like father…like sons:

Emile’s youngest boys,

Jaden & Reigan Heskey