“The finest training…

the first choice for footballers.”

Former England international,

Emile Heskey

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Driving safety is an essential element of social responsibility, which is why The Supercar Academy’s training focuses on the safety of individuals, vehicle performance and eco-compatibility through its comprehensive programme portfolio.

By improving driver education, promoting increased awareness and encouraging more environmentally aware driving skills, we maximise vehicle performance and energy efficiency and minimise the impact of driving on the environment.


To improve driving safety and reduce traffic accidents by:

- developing safer, more aware drivers

- creating responsible role models

- helping employers fulfil their Duty of Care  

-  supporting sustainability and child-focussed charities


To encourage smoother, more “green” driving styles to help drivers:

-  reduce overall fuel consumption

-  experience the eco-sustainable benefits of “green” tyres and fuels

-  minimise vehicle renewals/wear and tear

The smallest adjustments to the way we drive can contribute towards an overall positive impact that could help prolong the lives of others and our planet!

The Supercar Academy is aligned with the               Foundation’s Safer Cleaner Roads for Everyone driving safety initiative which aligns sport and celebrity with driving safety to inspire safer, more responsible driving behaviour.