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Safety Standards

Managing risk is at the forefront of our training, so safety is a natural priority for anything we do.  The Supercar Academy enables players to participate in a range of driving activities conducted both on and off-road, secure in the knowledge that they are supported by our excellent safety standards. 

Safety - our Main Priority

Consideration for players' safety is paramount and drives everything we do.  We operate a policy of continual improvement, so everyone in our team, from our Chairman through to our Driving Consultants and Academy administrators, is constantly seeking ways to improve.  We also refer to outside experts in the fields of driving safety and external facility providers responsible for maintenance of good health and safety management, to ensure we remain at the forefront of accepted good practice.

Safe programmes

We operate all our programmes in accordance with strict operating standards that define the minimum requirements for staff qualifications, supervision arrangements, vehicles, facilities and equipment.  Individual programme activities follow a defined session plan and our trainers are regularly observed to ensure they comply with our safety standards and deliver a quality experience to our clients.  

Operating standards also extend to cover our off-site programmes, such as advanced vehicle handling and skid control.  All consultants are trained in our "off-site procedures" which cover everything from boarding a coach, to systems for supervising group events.  All off-site venues are vetted for their suitability before being used, and all consultants attending an off-site venue have a first aid kit and mobile telephone or site radio with them at all times.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments form the building blocks for ensuring effective health and safety management of every Academy programme and underpin the health and safety of all our activities.

The Supercar Academy operates comprehensive baseline risk assessments for all its activities, backed up by location-specific risk assessments that take into account any local requirements to ensure health and safety is maintained.  Additional "dynamic risk assessments" are carried out on an ongoing basis by the consultant leading each activity to reflect ongoing changes to prevailing conditions.

Safe in our hands

Player security is extremely important to us.  Consequently, our trainers will only conduct sessions in safe circumstances and will discontinue any session immediately should it at any point be considered to have become unsafe.  

Prior to any in-car driving session, our trainers conduct player and vehicle assessments to determine their fitness to take part.  Our trainers will terminate any training session where the vehicle is unsuitable or the player's driving poses particular risk or danger to any person or property.  

Further help

For any further information on our Health & Safety standards, please contact us.

To read our Health & Safety Policy, please click here.