“The finest training…

the first choice for footballers.”

Former England international,

Emile Heskey

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Geoffrey Parker is one of the finest gamesmakers in the world.  Drawing on 50 years of craftsmanship, this traditional British games company contrinues to hand manufacture superb games maintaining the exemplary  standards of the master craftsman.

Years of designing and creating custom products for the world’s luxury stores, casinos, corporations and private commission means Geoffrey Parker is able to offer customers  a unique and personalised service creating both  gaming and bespoke gifts.

Exceptional and bespoke pieces include Special Commissions that offer leathers such as  alligator, ostrich, shagreen (stingray)  and watersnake.  Designs can also include precious metals and sparkling diamonds or crystals, as well as incorporate initials or embossed family crests.

To view the full range, visit www.geoffreyparker.com

Tel: +44 (0) 1799 599 100

Fax: +44 (0) 1799 599 733

Email: direct@geoffreyparker.com